Lake Kivu Tourist Attractions In Rwanda

Lake Kivu is one of the parts of Rwanda with the most tourist attractions and mostly beautiful hotels, resorts, lodges, beaches, thermal waters, and a lot more. Lake Kivu has a lot among the hottest attractions when it comes to tourism and vacation. On this page you will discover things to do in Kibuye, Things to do in Gisenyi, Things to do in Nyamasheke, Things to do in Rusizi, Things to do in Rubavu, and how beautiful these parts of Rwanda are, the reason why we invite you to spend one of your holiday or vacation there.

Lake Kivu embraces Districts going from north-west to south-west in the Western Province, including Rubavu, Rutsiro, Karongi, Nyamasheke, and Rusizi. There are 250 islands in Lake Kivu. 56 of them are found on the Rwandan side while the rest are in DR Congo. The geological composition of these picturesque islands is similar to that of the grandeur of the hills surrounding the lake.

Hotels around Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is surrounded by many beautiful hotels, lodges, and resorts where you can spend your vacation and/or holiday time with peace of mind and tranquility. La Cabane Africaine is one of its kind in providing you with the best of the accommodation facilities at an impossible elsewhere means. Some of the hotels offered by La Cabane Africaine are such as Nirvana Heights Hotel and Spa, Hakuna Matata Lodge, Kivu Paradise, Paradis Malahide, and Rushel Kivu Resort, Palm Beach Resort, just to name a few. For more information on La Cabane Africaine’s offers, please contact us.

  • Swimming in Lake Kivu
  • Kayaking on Lake Kivu
  • Fishing in Lake Kivu
  • Hiking and Visiting Important Places
  • Tasting Isambaza and Indugu dishes






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