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Tourism and Vacation

We have a lot of places for you to discover and explore while on vacation with La Cabane Africaine. You can visit African countries, European Countries, American countries, Asian Countries, Australia, and The Pacific region and stay in one of our beautiful hotels, resorts, and apartments, and discover more with our local tour guides available everywhere you go.

We Provide

Real Estate management

La Cabane Africaine is involved in a number of real estate activities such as the Buy, Sell or Rent services, property management services, building new residential and commercial properties and renovating existing ones above all, La Cabane Africaine serves as a platform for former commissioners who are now called Site Agents and contribute a lot in collecting information about properties on sale, properties on market for rent and channel all their daily activities through La Cabane Africaine Ltd.

Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Service Providers who need assistance in marketing and selling their products and/or services are welcome to La Cabane Africaine who in return forms respective salesforce teams and marketing strategies to boost their sales and increase their revenues. All you need to do is to schedule a consultation with us, sit together and let us propose the right marketing and selling strategies according to your case. We help sell any products and services you may have to offer.

We Provide

Car rental & Sales Services

La Cabane facilitates you in owning a car, renting a car, or making use and business of your existing car. Whether you need a car for personal use, for business purposes, or want to invest in the transportation business, La Cabane Motor is your Solution. We help you make the right choice and benefit from your car venture. You can buy a car from us and we rent it from you at a profitable rate. When you chose a car from our catalog and pay for it. We give you a provisional car for use while waiting for your chosen one.

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