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Our Story

La Cabane Africaine started back in 2012 from the idea of Eng. Emmanuel IYAMUREMYE who has always wanted to create something that brings back vibrance and love among families and from there, family happiness has been the foundation of La Cabane Africaine Ltd. This family happiness is achieved through well organized holidays and vacations, leisure tourism, safe and comfortable accommodation and transportation. All that being said, you now know from where came the two main departments of La Cabane Africaine which are TOURISM & VACATION and REAL ESTATE & ACCOMMODATION. Later on came in another department which is PUBLIC MARKETING & SALES. You can read more about all these departments clicking here

What We Offer

La Cabane Africaine offers a wide range of products and services satisfactorily bringing its clients to sustainable happiness through the following categories.

Tourism & Vacation

We offer the best tourism and vacation services and products in Rwanda, Africa and overseas.

Public Sales & Marketing

La Cabane Africaine will make your business sell even more to maximize profits and prosper.

Car rental & sales services

We help you buying a car, renting a car or making business out of your purchased vehicle.

Real Estate management

We make sure everyone finds the right property for the right purpose and make it profitable.

Board of Directors

In order to achieve its goals, La Cabane Africaine is led by highly devoted, dedicated and experienced senior management team that put all activities of the company together. Here is the list of La Cabane Africaine’s leading management team members.


Chief Executive Officer


General Manager

Ntampaka Jean

Brand & Marketing Manager

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